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Welcome to Simon Fraser University physics. We hope that you find your studies here rewarding. As a new student you no doubt have many questions about what courses you should be taking and what options are available to you. We hope you will find these WEB pages useful. A full first year of physics usually consists of 8 physics credits, 2 of which involve laboratory work. Please click here to find a description of the various first-year courses. If you find in the course of your studies that you would like to major in physics, we offer many different ways to study physics within our various programs, depending on your specific interests. A minor in physics is also possible. We also have two new Physics Breadth Courses - Introduction to Astronomy and Logarithm and Blues - that satisfy quantitative breadth requirements and have been specially designed for nonphysicists.


Best wishes in your studies!

Simin Bagheri Najmi
Undergraduate Advisor


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