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Information for New Students

Before you enroll . . .


Our grad student handbook contains a wealth of detailed information helpful for the orientation of every new student.


The selection of a Senior Supervisor is very important and should be a well informed decision. This person, once chosen, advises his/her students regarding all courses, research work, and the preparation of the thesis. University Regulations require that the Supervisory Committee be formed within the first year in the program.

The Physics Department requires that students choose a Senior Supervisor during their first semester and that the committee be formed by the end of the second semester. Before the Senior Supervisor is chosen, the departmental Graduate Program Chair, Dr. Eldon Emberly, supervises and counsels the student or assigns an interim advisor.

In order to plan the first semester's courses, incoming students should contact either the Graduate Program Chair, the interim advisor, or a prospective Senior Supervisor. It is, of course, best if the student can identify and reach agreement with a prospective Senior Supervisor before arriving, so as to make good use of time right from the beginning.

Once courses are chosen, students are asked to inform the Graduate Secretary to get assistance with enrollment.

New Student Information