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Financial Information

We guarantee financial support to all of our regularly admitted graduate students, at levels shown below for the 2013-14 academic year.

  • M.Sc. students:  $23,500
  • Ph.D. students:  $26,000

These annual stipends are guaranteed for two years to entering MSc students, four years to entering PhD students, and five years (from the point of graduate admission) to students who transfer from the MSc to PhD programs. Student stipends include contributions from scholarships*, teaching assistantships (TAs), and research assistantships (RAs), and the guarantee is subject to satisfactory degree progress and TA performance.


Typical Funding Scenario - MSc
Scenario Regular, Y1 Regular, Y2 NSERC PGSM NSERC CGSM
RA $9,322 $12,108    
TA $9,178 $11,392 $1,875 $1,875
SFU Scholarship $5,000   $8,125 $8,125
External Scholarship     $17,300 $17,500
Total $23,500 $23,500 $27,300 $27,500

Typical Funding Scenario - PhD
RA $16,154    
TA $6,721 $1,875 $1,875
SFU Scholarship $3,125 $8,125 $8,125
External Scholarship   $21,000 $35,000
Total $26,000 $31,000 $45,000















*Currently, Graduate Fellowships and Special Entrance Scholarships are incorporated into the annual stipend amount. Most private and external awards are offered in addition to the annual stipend, except NSERC and CD Nelson awards which result in a stipend increase.


SFU has a very limited number of Major Entrance Scholarships for exceptional students, which we award in addition to the regular stipend amounts listed above, up to a total stipend of $50,000. Applicants who submit full applications for admission to the Fall term by January 15 of each year will automatically be considered for Major Entrance Scholarship nominations.

A typical TA requires 12.5 hours per week (210 hours of work during the course of a 17 week semester), except for TAs assigned to MSc students in their first year, which require 10 hours per week (168 hours over 17 weeks). MSc students usually receive two semesters of TA support, while most PhD students receive one semester. The remainder of the annual stipend is drawn from the research funds of the senior supervisor and from scholarship support.

Students must pay tuition every semester. International students pay the same rate as domestic students. Total annual costs (current for Spring 2014) for the first year of a graduate research program including extended health care coverage break down as follows (note that tuition and fees are subject to change, for the most up-to-date information please consult SFU's Academic Calendar):


Typical Graduate Fees
Per Term Annual Total
Tuition $1694.90 $5084.70
Student Activity Fee $63.59 $190.77
Student Services Fee $41.80 $125.40
Recreation and Athletic Fee $69.67 $209.01
Universal Transit Pass (May 1, 2014 - May 1, 2015) $147.00 $441.00
Graduate Extended Health Plan N/A $420.00
Total $2156.96


In the first term of your program the following additional fees may be applied:

Additional Fees
Fee Per Term Total
Graduation Fee

$12.00 - Charged in first 3 terms


International Student Medical Insurance (International Students Only)

Charged in first term $353.00

Note that tuition fees decrease by 50% for MSc students after six semesters and for PhD students after eight semesters. MSc students who transfer into the PhD program will receive this tuition reduction eight semesters after entering the MSc program.

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