Simon Fraser University

Broun Lab



Research Interests

  • Phase-disordered superconductivity and quantum criticality in underdoped cuprates

  • Microwave spectroscopy of the symmetry and dynamics of the pairing interaction in heavy fermion superconductors

  • Dynamics of superconducting flux lines in conventional and unconventional superconductors

  • Scanning Hall-probe microscopy of vortices in superconductors

  • Nanostructuring of superconductors to confine and manipulate vortex matter


  • 3He/4He dilution refrigerator, base temperature 0.02 K
  • Scanning Hall-probe microscopy, base temperature 1 K
  • High field microwave spectrsocopy, 8 Tesla and 1 K
  • Microwave vector network analyzers,
    20 GHz (Agilent E8362B) and 40 GHz (Agilent 8722ES)
  • Rapid characterization cryostats, 4 K
  • Millikelvin microwave spectroscopy system, with rapid sample exchange and in-built helium reliquefier
  • High vacuum evaporator for Hall probe deposition
  • Wide range of test electronics, vacuum pumps and components