Simon Fraser University

Room Bookings

There are currently two rooms available for booking in the Department: P8445.1 and P8445.2. Please click here (for email) or call (778) 782 4465 if you would like to book one of these rooms. You can check the availability for each of these rooms by visiting their schedules: P8445.1 and P8445.2.


The instruction manual for the equipment in room P8445.1 can be downloaded here.

Booking Policy P8445.1

The small seminar room is not a university facility. It primarily serves the physics department. Exceptions are made for video conferencing, as the room is also a WestGrid video conferencing room. The booking priority is:

  1. Experimental particle physicists for their regularly scheduled video conferences in Chicago and CERN.
  2. Physics research group meetings and small seminars.
  3. Small enrollment physics courses.
  4. Meetings of other groups on campus. 

Other groups on campus may book the room a maximum of 2 weeks in advance (no recurring meetings allowed). However, if this non-physics meeting requires video conferencing, alternate arrangements may be made.


Booking Priority of P8445.2

Departmental meetings and seminars have first priority.